Born on March 2, 1987--

RAW is actually initials of course for Richard Anthony Weigand. Weigand is an independent filmmaker and co-founder of Weigand Films. He also serves as the writer, director, editor, and performer on the show RAW VIGNETTES.

Weigand is also an assorted filmmaker. This means that at a small fee, it is possible to book Weigand as your filmmaker/editor for your wedding or birthday event. These services that he provides aren't expensive at all and are always very reasonable.

Weigand makes sure that you will get exactly what you want.

Go to CONTACT to find out how to.........uh...contact him.



13.) TARGET PRACTICE (2011) (technical title)- (IN PRODUCTION)

12. ZOMBIE LARRY (2010)-(Holiday special) (animated)-Larry, Fly#2

(Alternate title- "Larry and Vivian in Not Appropriate Dinner")

voice actor, director, writer, editor, animator

10. RAW PROJEX (2010-CURRENT)(web series)- Rob, avatar, misc.

9.) HOUSE OF HONESTY (2010)(Holiday special) (animated)

Abe Lincoln/Wilkes Booth/Hamlin/miscellaneous voices

voice actor, director, writer, editor, animator

8.) THE SANTA KRINGLE CHRONICLES (2009)(Holiday special);

Paranormal guy/Santa Claus/Roscoe the Reindeer/Henry elf/virtual self

voice actor, director, writer, editor, animator

7 .) The Raw Facts (2009-CURRENT) (SERIES) (14 Episodes to date)

6.) A Hollywood Carol (2008) (animated holiday special);

Spacey, Cruise, Graves, L. Jackson, Stewart, Connery, Ferrell, Pitt:
voice actor, director, writer, editor, animator

5.) Raw Vignettes (2008- CURRENT) (SERIES) (3 Episodes to date)

--Episode Four (IN PRODUCTION)

--Episode Three

--Episode Two

--Episode One

4.) A Raw Christmas (2007) (animated holiday special);

Santa, Germie the elf, Randy the reindeer, Bing White the snowman, Jesus

voice actor, director, writer, editor, animator

3.) Raw Cuts (2007) (SERIES) (6 Episodes to date)

2.) Crime Scene 101 (2006); William Crane

Actor, director, writer, editor

1.) Political Satire (2005); Jay Lawford/French Brigadier/ad narrator;

Actor, director, writer, co-editor

1.) Le Film Policier De Monsieur Noir (2004); Monsieur Noir/French Brigadier/Claude Perneau, Pierre the Monkey;

Actor, director, writer, co-editor