You don't want to die again?



Meet Zombie Larry and his wife, Vivian. Both are zombies living in a world of other zombies. One small problem, neither one of them enjoy living the stereotypical zombie lifestle. They are zombies with a conscience. Usually zombies are drones who have only one goal and purpose. In this first short, Larry and Vivian disuss their lives as zombies. Are they meant to die together? And live in death for all eternity? It can be known that the two of them are being watched by somebody very mysterious. The person that is watching them may in fact be the very person who murdered them.  The Glorious Angel of Death introduces herself very briefly. Her threatening message  shall forever echo through the hallways of the very house that Larry and Vivian reside.

Look for clues throughout the short film. Who is this mysterious person watching over them? Is it destiny that Larry and Vivian are both missing limbs? Larry is missing his right limb as Vivian has lost her left. Their love is still tied together with the only arms they have left to hold onto each other.

What does that mean? And is it love? Or is it some sort of form of enslavement?

I bet you didn't think about any of those things while watching this little short.

Go on. Time is of the essence........for now.

--Richard A. Weigand






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